Amusing Searches: Second Most Read Post from Search Engine Traffic

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The second most read post based on traffic from search engines…drum roll, please…..Driving to Distraction: Texting While Driving. This post caused a lot of discussion, both in comments and on Facebook. It's another issue that's very important, and one I am passionate about too.

At the time I wrote this post I did not text at all. I have since brought home a little Android and have begun texting, but I NEVER, NEVER text while driving. While it's not safe for anyone to do it, not even a seasoned 17 year-old texting genius, if I attempted to text even one word while operating a vehicle I would most certainly cause an accident. I really don't understand how (literally) people text and drive. And yet, I do see people of all ages, texting while driving. They're not hard to spot with their heads bobbing up and down, going just a bit slower than the rest of the traffic, and ever so slightly weaving in and out of the lane. When I see this, I try to steer clear of that vehicle.

Many states have been passing laws to prohibit this activity, although I'm not sure it's curbing this illicit behavior considering I live in a state with such a law and still observe drivers texting while on the road. Again, this is a post I will be updating with any new state laws in a Motherly Law Year in Review post in March.


Here are some of the searches for the Texting While Driving post that I found odd and/or amusing:*

  1. "hazards of texting studies"
  2. "how is texting while driving a distraction"
  3. "what unexpected can happen on the road while you drive"
  4. "what are the social dangers about texting while driving"
  5. "websites that can help with texting while driving"
  6. "I'm concerned about my distracted driving"
  7. "texting while driving, is it really a distraction"
  8. "texting while driving funny story"

Nonetheless, they searched; they found; and I hope they got something out of the post.

The Scoop

On Wednesday, I will post the 3rd most searched post and the strangest queries found on Motherly Law; the ones I'm sure did not mean to land on this site. Over and out….


*Dear Reader, If perhaps you see one of your searches listed, please do not take offense. I can only imagine how ridiculous many of my own queries look to another person.

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