Amy and Tina Rocked The Golden Globes; Plus Argo, Les Mis, Homeland, Girls, and Jodie!

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The 70th Annual Golden Globes did not disappoint. (Well, at least not for the winners and those of us watching from the many upsets!) Amy Poehler and Tina Fey may well go down as the most successful hosts in the history of the show -- the jokes were on point, the deliveries were killer, and the chemistry between those two ladies is impossible to deny (although was it just me, or did Kristin Wiig seem just the tiniest bit icy?)

My (second) favorite exchange of the evening?

Tina: “The beautiful Anne Hathaway is here tonight.”

Amy: “You gave a stunning performance in Les Miserables.”

Tina: “I haven’t seen anyone so totally alone and abandoned like that since you were on the stage with James Franco hosting the Oscars.”

Although Amy's jab at James Cameron held a special place in my heart, too:

Amy: “Kathryn Bigelow is nominated tonight. I haven’t really been following the controversy over Zero Dark Thirty, but when it comes to torture, I trust the lady who spent three years married to James Cameron.”

Who's the King of the World now, James?

Girls won and won again, and Lena Dunham was impossibly charming, as much as the searing jealousy in my gut commands that I despise her. Dammit that show is good.

Which leads me to my #1 favorite exchange of the evening -- Tina Fey holding a lowball and slurring after losing Best Actress In A Comedy Or Musical to Lena Dunham who thanked her in her speech "I'm glad we got you through middle school, Lena."

Dennis Quaid appeared on stage looking really really scary, and I can't help but think he got the Joker treatment. Seriously, why do people do things like that to their faces?

The Dowager Countess sent the help to collect her award (that's right, Maggie Smith won and didn't bother to show), but the cast and crew of Homeland was there to collect in person every.single.time. (MAN, I have got to get over my hatred of Claire Danes' husband stealing and ugly crying and start watching that show!) -- but not before Salma Hayek and Paul Rudd showed the ladies of SNL what improv REALLY means.

Jennifer Lawrence took home Best Actress In A Comedy Or Musical for Silver Linings Playbook, and was totally adorable, but might have signed her own death warrant by opening her acceptance speech with (First Wives Club joke) "I beat Meryl!" -- which she had. Unfortunately, the great one had the flu, and wasn't there for a cutaway to what would have been an undoubtedly gracious "I'll cut you" expression.

Argo trumped Lincoln, but Daniel Day Lewis got his -- and can I say I couldn't be more pleased for Ben Affleck to have recovered so nicely from his Bennifer days to become such a respectable director. (Meanwhile, Bill Clinton showed up to present Lincoln and NOT to collect his award for declassifying Argo, as I might have initially suspected.)

Lea Michele's tan. It kind of speaks for its freaky self.

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Shockingly, her leg has yet to command its own Twitter account.

Jodie Foster gave a quirky and emotional speech while accepting her Cecile B. DeMille Lifetime Achievement Award, which left not a dry eye in the house after she used the opportunity to come out of the closet (I think -- did NBC censors silence her on purpose?). She thanked her ex-partner, and dedicated her career to her sons. Admittedly, there wasn't a dry eye on my couch, either.

Did you watch the 70th Annual Golden Globe Awards? Thrilled? Disappointed? WHAT DOES THIS MEAN FOR THE OSCARS?


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