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After I decided to pull my head out of my ass and struggling with PPD, I decided to make a change.  A change, that even I struggled with at first.  In 2011, I decide to start making my body strong and my mind stronger. Struggling with PPD, I often time felt there was no way out besides conventional medications. I am here to tell you, that Medication is not the only option.

I realized how much my mind was affected by my PPD (postpartum depression).  It’s a sad thing when you’re holding your baby in your arms and the tears are just rolling down your face. Not because you are so filled with joy that you could burst but because you have this deep sadness that you just can’t seem to shake and you don’t want that. The worse thing about that was that I couldn’t even explain at the time why I was so sad. I decided to start move my legs and getting out for fresh air EVERY day.

I am truly thankful for my legs and feet as they brought me through my darkest times and suffering. When exercising  (I walking at first), Endorphins and norepinephrine help elevate your mood, making you feel good physically and emotionally. The same goes with medication, but it’s not natural.

I started off slow at first. I made it a goal to get outside EVERY day for fresh air and a short walk. After I gain confidence, I picked up the pace. Then my did something amazing. I lost weight and I started to jog/trot.  Certainly running, lifting weights, playing basketball and other fitness activities got my heart pumping. But so can gardening, washing my car, or strolling around the block and other less intense activities. Anything that got me off the couch and moving helped improve my mood.

2012 came and I didn’t want to slow down. I picked up running! Well my legs picked me up to run.  I ran 2 5K this year, one 4 mile road race, and one virtual run of 72miles.   It hasn’t been easy and every day is a struggle to get out and move.  I have now surrounded myself with people who are passionate about their strength and fitness. I have a race coming up on Sept. 1st.  I plan on medicating myself with running and good fitness habits. I even have ran with a head cold. NOTHING will stop me.

I’m pretty darn proud of my journey in running. In the last 5 months I have ran over 157 miles. I also say AFTER, but I am not stopping.




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