And The Gentle Deer Walk Among Us

Deer, those gentle creatures with big, soft doe’ee eyes, will forever remind me of the movie I saw as a child, “Bambi.” And to see them now, as they peacefully roam my property and graze without a care in the world, knowing no harm will come to them. Why, it’s enough to melt my once icy heart, like butter left in the scorching sun. Yes, a family of deer, at least a baker’s dozen, does indeed walk among us. For them, this is a Deer Haven. How beautiful is that?

 Deer Eating In The Backyard

From any of the windows in my home these gentle creatures can be seen and admired. I wake in the mornings and open my bedroom windows to see them quietly nibbling the bushes. I see them throughout the day, scattered in the front or backyards, nibbling the young grass and [still] more bushes, all the while we are enjoying our own breakfast or lunch from the kitchen window, or enjoying dinner in the dining-room. They really are beautiful, gentle creatures to behold!

But, boy, they do have a ravenous appetite. It seems they never stop eating!

We recently moved here, and did bring all our many trees onto this gorgeous property, and strategically placed them for eye appeal. We’ve been caring for our trees for many years now, and there was no-way we were going to leave our collection of flourishing trees behind. Our trees make-up a nice variety too, including dwarf trees:  Meyer lemon, Bearss lime, Pink Variegated lemon, Mandarin Kumquat, Sweet tangerine, 3 kinds of olive trees, 2 kinds of fig trees, 2 kinds of cherry trees, a Hass avocado tree, and a Chocolate Fuyu Persimmon tree.

These trees are our babies; mind you; our [together] hobby; our heart’s desire. And these beastly, eating machines are devouring all the leaves from our precious trees! They are near to killing them!! My precious Kumquat and olive trees look more like twigs now!!!

Is there anything they won’t eat?

They are so lucky I don’t own or know how-to use a shot gun!

..Venting here…calming down…must think of a plan! So hubby has determined to build freakin’ cages to protect them from these green-eating vampiros!

I promise I’ll feel better once the [ugly] cages are up and protecting what’s left of them; though they won’t look as attractive anymore, not sitting within a cage of chicken wire.  Sigh!

Blogger’s Note:  No deer were harmed in the writing of this post nor will they be harmed in the future.

But, seriously, who’s up for fresh venison?

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