And now, a poem...

Persona Mas Grateful 


Let us be Gods today!

Let us know (remember) our true nature as this.

Shed our delusions of mortality,

fallibility, uncertainty, limitations.

Let us be


To know we create what we speak with no effort past intention.


All love and light and infinite peace and joy!

Fearless and funny and free to BE.

To be



Let us be Stars today!

To wake with the awareness of our status

as having now ARRIVED due to years of hard work,

(talent, connections, lucky breaks...)

Let us know we have “special appearances” to make today

and so allow ourselves to become camera-ready beautiful.

Let us walk knowing a red carpet is

ever-unfolding before us with every step we take.


The spotlight loves you,

you Star, you!


Let us be Babes today!

See the world with beginner’s eyes

taking true delight in wagging tails and bubbles and rhymes.

Let us lean in for kisses—mouth and eyes wide open.

Let us cry but then let go of being


to giggle and coo because…


Let us hum (oh joy! mashed-potatoes-are-amazing!!!) as we eat.

Let us run if we can or crawl if we can’t but keep moving.

(So much to see-touch-smell-hear-taste!)

Let us be new and true, Babe.

Love you so.


Let us be Gods! Let us be Stars! Let us be Babes!



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