And Now She Brings Home The Bacon

Have you ever had one of those, "This is the beginning of the rest of my life moments?"

Yeah, me either.

But, just recently I HAVE had a, "This could very well be the next major step in rounding a bend toward a few pretty freakin' gnarly moments...dude."

It all started with a simple text message that read, "Want a part time job?"

And so, here I am, an employed woman. In fact, in the last two weeks I've managed not to set fire to or destroy anything major, nor have I screwed up anything significant yet. This is pretty epic...the not screwing stuff up part. The being employed thing is pretty cool, too!

I know y'all have been anxious to hear about it, so...

I'm providing office support for a small, but extremely busy, plumbing & construction company in the process of growing their business. They use the term "office manager", I use "office support", because the former just smacks of 'professional and responsible'...terms I should probably look up some day, but they just SOUND scary.

My boss is the fiancé of a friend of mine, who I also get to work with. It's a good thing I like her and enjoy her company! She's working on business development and together we're transitioning a business run by a single person, from his home and truck, into a business office. For the most part it's just the two of us, sometimes just me. The space is great with oodles of potential lurking in the corners. My boss(es) want to immerse themselves in the community to form relationships with neighboring businesses. Since this just so happens to be MY community (I live a mere 2 miles from work)...I like that a lot.

I'm already emotionally invested in this job. I want this venture to succeed. I want the job to evolve in a way  I find interesting and exciting. I want their vision for the business to come to fruition. I want them to start flipping houses so I can be part of that too...wait, that's just my own personal fantasy. Never mind...

I want...I want...I want...(just ask Hubbypants, I say it a lot...)

But...I'm a little (read A LOT) nervous. I'm afraid my poor memory will be a nuisance (despite my compulsively writing detailed notes on every damn piece of paper I touch). I worry about my lack of technical skills or general business knowledge  - despite being something I can learn, I feel disabled not having the skill base right now. Mostly, I worry that the part of my 'working outside of the home' brain that went dormant 15 years ago will remain sleepy and sluggish.

And yet, I'm thrilled to be working, regardless of the fears. I look forward to Mondays. Hey, I see you giving me stern eyebrows...yeah, I said it...I DON'T HATE MONDAYS! That isn't to say I like my weekends going so quickly, I'm not completely insane, you can put down whatever it is you were going to throw at me.

This is such an exciting time for me and the business I'm helping to grow. It's going to get (hopefully) extremely busy and my goal will be to minimize the pains that always plague growth. I've got a bazillion thoughts racing through my head at any given time, even weekends, vying for my attention. I really need to break out the steel bristled brush and aggressively scrub away the rust from my brain. I can do this, I can!

So, stay tuned for more adventures from our intrepid heroine as Melissa - The Journey of a Thousand Thoughts: Phase One plays out.

Wish me luck!

p.s. Please feel free to offer support and advice.

p.p.s. Also accepting gifts of chocolate and wine, for moral support through this new life transisition.

p.p.p.s. And by wine I mean whiskey. The big bottle. Costco carries it.

p.p.p.p.s. Y'all are the bestest most supportingest peeps evah!


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