And She Greets The Day With: Thrift Store.

Le'Ann Jane Martinez

When going into Thrift Stores, going in with an open mind could really work out. Because the saying "Someone elses trash, is someone elses treasure" is really true.

Every time I come home to visit my mom, i past this thrift store. I'd past the store and I always wanted to stop by look around too see if anything was interesting to me. Today I finally went in the store with my mom and my friend sydney. As I was looking around the store looking for my hidden treasure. So here I am walking around scamming through the store looking.

Then sitting their so perfectly. I found my Treasure. As I look at my treasure, so standing there, looking at it. My mom leans over and tells me. "Really Le'Ann do you really need that?" To be honset with, I really didnt need. But I just had to get the set of Charlie Brown set of glasses. Just had to have them, growing up seeing Charlie Brown and Woodstock being my fave charater. At that moment I had to have them. I was pretty content with the price at the end. I ended up pay 5 dollars for set of 8.

So, once you pass by a thrift store and you just keep wondering should I or shouldn't I. Trust your heart, stop by the store. Because you just might find something so small to everyone else but amazing to you. That set of glasses just takes me back to when I was 8 years old.

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