And So She Agreed - NaBloPoMo Begins

Big She wasn't feeling it, the whole writing thing.

Little She thought Big She was being a lazy-pants, just sitting there staring at all the unfinished drafts piling up and looking pitiful.

So, when Big She was occupied with the day-to-dayness of that thing called 'The Doing of Stuff that Needs Doing', Little She signed her up for November NaBloPoMo '12.

"Big She had done it before", rationalized Little She, so she put on her Growed Up panties and told Big She.

Well, Big She being the drama-lama that she is went all batty in the belfry, yelling such things as, "And where am I supposed pull inspiration from? My [censored](insert your own 3 letter word here)."

Little She could not be detoured - no, she was a tenacious little [censored] (insert your own 4 letter word here). So she said, "But it's like riding a Unicorn, once you do it you'll never forget! So, get back on your cone headed beastie and ride...or, write...write like the wind!"

Big She really couldn't think of a reason NOT to participate and, really...Big She wanted to avoid further discussion with Little She, because it was just getting too weird.

And so...Big She agreed to give NaBloPoMo a shot. A day late.


p.s. - This Blogger is not opposed to colorful 'adult' words, but since some people might be reading for the first time it seemed like a good idea to encourage participation from the audience.

p.p.s. - Yes, I'm always like this.


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