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Sadly, where I live, there is a vey large feral cat population. Fotunately, the TNR program is very well supported in my town. However, despite their efforts, many of cats still have not been neutered, so they continue to reproduce.



Last summer, as my friend's daughters were pleading for a cat, one of these pregnant felines found her way to their house. As my friend toyed with the idea of getting a pet, her mother and her daughters made sure to kept the mom-to-be well fed. When it was time to have her kittens, she gave birth by my friend's house.


The entire family fell instantly in love with the kittens. Their contimplation was over. As soon as they could, they brought the little babies into thier home, and into their hearts. The boy and girl were so tiny when they first entered their new home. They were barely the size of my hand.


In the months that have followed, these two kittens have been spoiled rotten. They are so sweet and happy. I swear, they know they were rescued, and how lucky they are. My husband, Marc, and I are so lucky to have had the opportunity to watch these kittens grow.


The girl has grown up very nicely. She is much bigger, obviously, but she is on the petite side. Her brother, on the other hand, is about five times her size. He makes our Alex look frail and thin. This guy must weigh over twenty-five pounds.




When we were visiting last, Marc told my friend and her mom that they really need to watch what they feed him. He explained that the boy is getting very large, and they have to make sure he doesn't get too over weight, as it won't be healthy for him.


My friend was paying close attention, and agreeing with Marc. Her mother, on the other hand, wanted no part of this conversation. "He is not fat," she said. "He is a boy. He should be big and strong. And besides, that is not fat you see. That is muscle."


I couldn't help myself, I turned to her and said, "Spoken like a true grandmother."


And she then further corrected me. "No, spoken like a jewish grandmother." And well, I couldn't argue.


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