And then she was five...

Five years ago today Brad and I were sitting in a delivery room watching the Today Show and talking about how funny it was that I was in labor and there we were, watching the Today Show, not unlike many other mornings at home in our apartment.

We also marvelled at the fact that we were chatting with each other and that I wasn't screaming bloody murder at him, apparently I am one of those "lucky" woman who doesn't feel much pain until it gets really serious.

We arrived at the hospital before the city awoke.  We often wondered how difficult it was going  to be getting from our Jersey City apartment to our NYC hospital while in labor.  We were lucky enough to make the trip through the Holland Tunnel at 4am, no traffic...

Five years ago today I was handed a little baby girl.  The first thing I said was "I knew it, I knew it was going to be a girl!" 

Five years ago today, we wondered what to name this baby girl who entered the world with eyes wide open and a full head of dark hair... V w- J's hands
Taking a cue from the New Jersey State Flower and February's birth flower we opted for Violet over Molly.

I have no idea how these five years came and went so quickly!  It is one of those bittersweet moments of parenthood...I am nostalgic for those early days.  The days filled with firsts for her and for us.  I am sad when I see baby pictures of her.  Some days I wish she was small again, just to be able to hold her as a tiny baby again...

But, then I am excited!  I am excited to watch her grow.  I am excited to see her explore.  This little girl has so much of me in her but she is all her own.  I am excited to share secrets, walks, bike rides, adventures and more with her. 

This little girl came into the world 5 years ago with her eyes wide open.  Those eyes were filled with questions, curiosity, wonderment...And, today, 5 years later, they still are... IMG_9066

Happy Birthday to our little Violet Bud.


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