And the Third Runner up is….

Car seats & a Leaving  Children Unattended in a Vehicle

This third most read post based on traffic from search engines is another critical issue: Not Even for a Minute: Children Left Unattended in Vehicles. It's interesting how many people search for whether it's acceptable to leave a child for just a minute in a vehicle. A number of people are looking for a specific state's law regarding this issue. One query stated, "received a ticket for leaving child unattended in car for less than one minute." I'm not sure what this person was searching for in running this search, but clearly it's an issue parents have on their minds.

Risks on Many Levels

I completely understand the convenience of leaving a sleeping baby or toddler in the car while quickly dropping off or picking up another child at school or daycare; or leaving them strapped into the their car seats to run in a grab a cup of coffee, pick up the dry cleaning or make a stop at the ATM, but it really isn't worth the risk. I also can understand the parent unintentionally leaving the child in a car for a great amount of time because the parent is sleep deprived, distracted by stress, work, or other issues or changes in his or her daily routine and simply does not remember the child is still in the car.

I can be very absent-minded myself, and the threat of this hazard has always scared me so much that I tend to look in the backseat and check car seats even when I know the kids are not with me. Not only are there dangers of hypothermia for many parts of the country at this time of year or hyperthermia in other areas and/or other times of the year, but there is also a risk of your vehicle, along with your child, being carjacked. In fact, here in the Twin Cities, just last week there was a parent who left his car running and unlocked with his child in the car seat in his driveway while he ran inside to get something he had forgotten. The trip inside and back outside took no more than 20 to 30 seconds, according to the parent, but when he got back outside his vehicle and child were gone. Fortunately, this story ended well, the child, still strapped into his car seat, was found 90 minutes later, unharmed.

Odd Searches

While there are numerous searches for this somber topic, most are to the point and not humorous at all, as they should be. But there are some random queries that landed on various pages that are quite interesting; some that I feel quite certain the person searching did not find what he or she was looking for on Motherly Law, but perhaps the person still found something of interest.*:

  1. "hot tub girl"
  2. "don't take it personal when I delete you"
  3. "effective decision making in weddings"
  4. "bed wrestling tips"
  5. "best way to end a marriage"
  6. "different social rules after drinking"
  7. "what to do if your eye gets burnt with fireworks"
  8. "what not to accept from strangers"
  9. "what states can you have alcohol delivered to your home"
  10. "unintended nudes in college"

This last one I really don't understand, but to each, his own.

The Scoop

On Thursday, I'll be posting the 4th runner-up and on Friday, I will be answering some of the questions posed in searches. Over and out….


*Again, if you find one of your searches listed, please don't be offended and try to find the humor in it. I'm sure many of my own queries don't make sense.

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