And Today... I'm Making Waffles!

For the first time in... well, probably EVER, there is no cereal in my house.  Not one single box.  Unless you count oatmeal.  For this purpose, I am not. 


We have chickens.  There is always at least two dozen eggs in my refrigerator at any given time.  Eggs make lovely, protein-filled breakfasts.  However, there are those in the home who do not have the time or energy to prepare an egg or two in the morning.  (time = man of the house, energy = me)


That is why today, I set aside an hour and whipped up a big batch of pancakes.  And one of waffles.


Once the pancakes and waffles were griddled or ironed to golden perfection, I stacked them (separating between them with some waxed paper) and bagged them up for freezing. 




Voila!!  Enough frozen waffles and pancakes to last for breakfasts all week.  And both batches probably cost me less than one box of a commercial brand.