And we'll change the world...

Early last week, Canada was rocked by the news that Jack Layton, the Leader of our official opposition had suddenly passed. He had finally succumbed to an unknown form of cancer, despite hopes that he would bounce back in time to go back to Parliament.


Another moment of silence, as we both watched the screen before us.  Shots of Nathan Philips Square filled the screen showing artwork and messages in Jack's memory.

"Was Jack our friend?"

And that's when I couldn't stop my tears any longer. I pulled Potato in for a hug and I said,

"Oh yes, he was definitely our friend. He was in government to help families like ours, and was very nice to everyone.  He fought for good things, and lived a good life. I wish more people were like him".

Potato kissed me on the cheek and then said, confidently, 

"Well, if we all love him enough, maybe he will stay around a little longer." 


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