And We're A-go! BlogHerVancity Details!

BlogHerVancity is all set to go, kids!

Caffe Artigiano has graciously offered us accommodations for our event. (I'd like to mention that Dane at Workspace in Gastown was also eager and willing to get on board as well, but he had a prior engagement there on June 13th.   But thanks to Dane for appreciating what we do and offering to help in whatever way he could!  And thanks to ZoeyJane and Hummbirdbird 604 for sending me in his direction.)

Caffe Artigiano is an award winning locally owned and operated coffee house, with locations all over metro Vancouver.  We're still hashing out which location will host our event, but all signs are pointing towards the Granville Street shop, which is just steps away from the Granville Street skytrain station.  Click here for the Google Map.   I'm aiming for a 1pm start time, mostly because I don't function AND smell good before noon.

The first time I'd ever set foot in one of their cafe's, I was with my 3 year old and Rozalita on our first date, and what I learned from this is that they can totally roll with a screaming banshee of a child.  But that it's not Chuck E Cheese, either.  Win win, I'd say. 

And no one has to cook.  Which is AWESOME.

For those of you who are able, my husband's restaurant (which we need to keep shhhh; I'm a paranoid freak about personal info being googlable) is more than happy to accommodate us after 5 pm for cocktails.  Really freaking fantastic cocktails.  And I might even be able to persuade him to throw in some free snacks.  I have my ways. 

They are hoping for an as-close-to-accurate-as-we-can-give estimate of attendees, so please leave your name in the comments with how many people are coming with you.  And mention if you're available for drinks after, so I can warn The Donor.  Remember, this is NOT a mom blogger event, it's not a WOMEN blogger event, it's not a BLOGHER ONLY event.  This is just for all of us to meet an get to know one another, with the added perk being that if you're going to the conference, you'll know some faces and if you're not but you wish you were, you can still be a part of it, even if on a smaller scale.  EVERYONE is welcome.  

And if you need any help in planning for or gearing up to the conference, I am but an email away at heymrlady {at} gmail {dot} com, or a tweet away @mrlady, or easily found by the hashtag #BlogHerVancity, and I am totally at your service.  And if you get me drunk enough, I'll probably give you my digits.

Can't wait to see you all on June 13th! 

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