What Finally Silenced the Kindergarten Teacher


I was sitting with an adorable group of girls last spring during our Kid Writing time. They were drawing furiously in their journals, all the while giggling away.

I like to think I've mastered the art of helping each child in a group sound out words and write "stories" with their writing. (It's like following that bouncing tennis ball that we used to use when they FIRST invented computer games in the OLDEN days. Remember that? Ya gotta be quick.) I was bouncing back and forth, encouraging their sound spelling and trying to decipher their writing.

The two little ladies at the end of table were giggling a bit louder than the rest. This didn't worry me TOO much, as I've aptly named them the giggle sisters. Honestly, most of the time it's music to my ears. (Except on a Friday afternoon after no "special" and four hours of Mother's Day Marathon crafting.)

One of them stopped mid-giggle to ask me something. "Mrs. Smythe, do gododugugyaogo?" I couldn't really understand her, as she is so soft-spoken when talking to the teacher. (She BELLOWS at Free Play, however.)

"What, Janie?"

"I said, do youshebieuwoo?"

"One more time, honey. What?"

And then she said, clear as a bell, "Do you shave your woo?"

And that is how this five year-old managed to silence this veteran teacher.

Royal Doulton, Coffee and Razor

I told this story to my daughters that weekend, who looked at me in shock. “Mom.  Please DON’T tell us that you have hair.   Down THERE.  That is disgusting.”  And then I realized what they’d been using all those Venus razors for all these years. (I’ve been considering buying STOCK since they were in middle school.) 

And that was all it took.    Now, when you see me buying razors, don’t ask.   (And frankly, it’s the only way to go.)

Photo Credit: A. Page.


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