And the Winner Is … !

This is Media Darlings’ first Academy Award season and we’ve begun what we hope will become a yearly tradition. In honor of the Awards, we’ll choose a different theme and bring you the best of that category. This is the year of the piglet, so put on your top hat, grab your silk purse, and join me on the red carpet for the Piglet Hall of Fame Awards. The envelope, please!

Best Picture: Babe, directed in 1995 by Chris Noonan, adapted from the 1983 novel The Sheep-Pig written by Dick King-Smith.Babe is one of the best family films of the late 20th century. The character of Babe was possessed of an “unprejudiced heart” and was encouraged to develop his talents for sheep herding to awe-inspiring results. The animal performances are a clever combination of real animals with very realistic puppets. Actress Christine Cavanaugh hits just the right child-like note in Babe’s voice. Oh, and real-life actor James Cromwell is no slouch as Farmer Hoggett. He sings and dances a jig to cheer up young Babe in a scene that may well move you to tears. This film belongs on every family’s dvd shelf.

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