And the winner is...Gary Johnson?

More of the same rhetoric and bitch-slap ineffectual sparring between Obama and Romney left the two tied--again. And still.

I think I will have to call the winner (again and still) for former governor of New Mexico, Gary Johnson. Too bad he was not included in the debate.
Johnson is the third candidate in the race running on the Libertarian Party ticket and will be on ballots in at least 48 states. His party has filed an anti-trust lawsuit to try to force a spot in the debates but any such place is somewhere between doubtful and impossible.
Pity, that.
Johnson has experience as a two-term governor who left his state in the black. He sold his successful business after growing it from a one man operation to one of the largest in his state. He has climbed Mt.Everest. He comes from a blue-collar background and went to state schools. He has not only balanced a budget for a state but also for a business and for a home as a dad. He is the real deal.
His platform solves problems. He would get us out of Afghanistan "today" and not support starting any new conflicts barring direct threats to our soil. He would balance the budget. He would close up the confusing and red-tape choked IRS shop in support of a tax on purchases to level the playing field for all citizens. He would legalize pot and treat it like wine, taxed and regulated in precisely the same fashion which will cut down on wasted prison space and border violence from illegal traffickers.
Johnson represents common sense and honest solutions to the problems caused mostly by gridlock and a lack of real-world perspective that keeps decision makers clueless about the very population they are supposed to be serving.
Johnson is beholding to no party or special interest. This is what makes him so attractive as a potential leader and precisely why he will not be elected.

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