Andrew Wilder

Andrew has loved real food long before the term "foodie" existed, and recently decided to make healthful living and eating a primary focus in his life. In early 2009 he had his "ah-ha!" moment, and started eating better and exercising regularly. It instantly started improving his life, and he wouldn't shut up about it.

Following his passion, he left a career in lighting design and started Eating Rules to help others find the same joy in healthful food. He emphasizes that although health and nutrition information is complicated, eating delicious, healthful food doesn't have to be.

Last fall, Andrew led more than 400 people in October: Unprocessed, all pledging to eat no processed foods whatsoever for the month. In addition to his blog, he's working on ending Food Deserts in Los Angeles and bringing healthier food to a popular summer camp on Catalina Island.