Androgel, Online Pharmacies, and Divorce

No matter how many warnings he was given, my ex-husband insisted on taking Androgel.  In doing so, he ended up finding himself faced with his biggest fear: being alone. 

There are a good number of years in age between he and I, and we each saw advantages to that for vastly different reasons.  While his reason was the assumption that he could recapture his (sexual) youth, mine was the assumption that he wanted someone who would not demand a "young man level" performance of sexual acitivity.  We were both wrong. 

Understandably we each grew increasingly frustrated as time marched forward; he because I liked getting older and valued love over sex, and me because he considered his life worth losing in order to have sex.  Yes, you read correctly: he almost died taking meds to boost his libido and testosterone. 

 It wasn't just that he was risking his life, but a particularly bad order of his beloved Androgel--ordered illegally through the internet--morphed him into a terrifying hybrid of Hannibal Lecter and Ted Bundy.  Even my calling his attention to him harming me since he started taking the suppliment was met with scorn and contempt.  The couple's therapist who witnessed his reaction was concerned enough about me to advise me to leave him immediately.

When he was away from home, I packed as much as I could fit in my car (including my dog), and hightailed it to family halfway across the country.  As scary as it was driving three days on my own, and not knowing how soon I will secure gainful employment, I know in my heart of hearts that this uncertainty is much less scary than feeling like I would end up on the news one day.  I look forward to my journey BACK to independence and security.






Love you more.

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