Android Apps for All Ages!

Editor's Pick
We know what a chore it can be to find fun games for your kids, so this week's KIDO'Z review is detailing some of our newly moderated apps that we have discovered and love!

And as an added bonus, each game has an educational element included!
First of all, for your 2 year olds, found Colour Me, a digital coloring book with a wide variety of pictures and colors to be utilized. 
The Aim: This app helps young kids develop their imagination, as well as shape their senses and creativity.
Why we love it: It's great fun for the little ones and the images are fun, cute and easy for the younger kids to recognize… and therefore color in with enthusiasm and ease! Kids aged 2-5 will enjoy this game the most.
For 3+ year olds, we've got Kids Balloon Game: Colours, a simple numbers game that's great for all young kids!
The Aim: Kids need to pop as many of the correct colored balloons as they can… and without making too many mistakes.
Why we love it: The game is easy to play and great for teaching colors to young kids. I've also been reliably informed (by my 4 year old niece!) that this app is "just so much fun to play with!"… Who can argue with that!
Kids Pattern Game
Kids Pattern Game is the game we've chosen for your 4-7 year olds. It's a great educational app for toddlers and preschoolers, containing colors with cute graphics, as well as words and their pronunciation.

The Aim:
To complete the pattern displayed with the correct image.
Why we love it: It has 3 different levels so once your little one has mastered the easy level; there are more challenging levels for them to play with. The graphics are fun and young kids will learn loads of new words when they play! There's also a "Lite" version of the game available!
Another great alternative for this age group is Peter Pig's Money Counter, which helps kids recognize different denominations, and also hopefully teaches kids the value of money!
Words With Bees
Your 8+ year olds will enjoy Words with Bees; it's inspired on the famous game Boggle!

The Aim:  Link letter tiles left, right, up or down to build words and keep the bees happy and buzzing around. 
Why we love it: This game really will get your kids thinking. The longer the word, the more points and the bigger the bonuses can be. They'll be expanding their vocabulary in no time at all, and they won't even realize it as to them it's just a great game to play!


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