Angel or Not - Who Deserves to Be Shot?

I wasn't really going to say much on the Michael Brown shooting that occurred in Ferguson, Mo. a few weeks ago.  There's so much going on and everybody's got an opinion, mine would seem a small voice in the chorus.  But I just wanted to say this.

The police, family, friends, acquaintances have been and are being interviewed. Was he a good student or a knucklehead? Was he a gentle giant or a quiet violent kid? Did he smoke weed or was he totally drug-free?  What was in his future as a technical college student?  What was he going to do with that pack of cigars he allegedly stole?  Was he really the "angel" that was first reported?

As if the answers to any of these questions will somehow lead us to the answer of the most important question: did he deserve to be shot by a policeman?

It's as if the answers will justify the shooting or vilify the policeman.  It's the quiet suggestion that a high-school dropout walking down the street somehow has less rights to his life than a college-bound kid.  Well, if he was sober, that would be terrible to shoot him, but if he was a little high, then it's okay.  If he cursed at people, then hell yeah, he should be shot, but if he didn't, then there's no reason to.

Do these answers really matter? Do they make his - or anyone's - life more or less valuable than another?  Do the answers bring back anybody's child?


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