Angela Davis Out Of The Box


Growing up  in America around Black History Month, or Women’s History Month  you may have heard minute details about Angela Davis.  She is the pioneer who stood up for the rights of black people and apparently communism. Yes, communism! A word perceived so negatively in the American vocabulary. There are so many facets to her story that the world hasn’t heard, and the history books won’t tell. Her story is controversial to say the least, but true Freedom means a lot more to Angela Davis than it does to most.

In the essential and informative new documentary “Free Angela and All Political Prisoners”, Davis chronicles the details of her invigorating political life and her triumphant redemption.



Despite the small amount of info discovered in history books, Angela is more than the afro wearing female counterpart for the Black Panther party. The philosophy professor took her ability to think freely and her quest for liberation and fearlessly became a voice to the masses. “Free Angela and All The Political Prisoners” is a reminder to us all to put our freedom into practice. As we think, so we are… and being acquitted of all charges in a legendary court case, it’s clear that she is a mind that cannot be contained. Angela was always free. 

Davis is about the peoples freedom, She is an Icon for liberation and an advocate for freedom of the human spirit. Her stand for racial equality and social consciousness are lauded, she also continues her work as the founder of Critical Resistance, an organization that disbars imprisonment as the easy answer to every societal ill.

Everyone doesn’t have to agree with her, they don’t even have to like her, but she is ultimately standing for freedom. “Free Angela Davis and All Political Prisoners” is necessary, because it liberates the power and ability of the human mind. In today’s age where it seems like everyone’s a “follower”, thanks to the innovation of twitter and social media, it’s rare to find people who push the limits of accepted perceptions of knowledge and reality, and free minds that truly think outside of the box. 

When we do find them, they are considered “Thought Leaders” a term more thrown around and heavily emphasized now in this age of too much information. It’s Clear that Angela Davis was a premiere thought leader in her time, and still leads a plausible revolution for power to ALL people.




photo credit: Black Bloggers Connect / Code Black Entertainment



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