Angelina,full of fight and hope



I have been doing the best I can, anyway I can, to help spread the word around for Little Angelina. This beautiful 3 year old was diagnosed last year with nureoblastoma, a deadly cancer and, right now, this beautiful little girl and her family need strength and faith. It is one of the most horrible things to go through and I can't even imagine, what they're feeling or going through right now. No child or anyone should have to deal with this horrible monster. I am in awe of what a fighter she is, never loosing hope and maintaining such a beautiful spirit amidst everything.

I ask all you wonderful Blogher readers and bloggers to show the Sforza family some support and send out your best wishes and prayers for Angelina! We will never loose hope!

I share a little more about it here:

and this is Little Angelina's main site:

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