Angels, they do exist! I know I have one looking after me.

For as long as I can remember I loved angels. At Christmas when I was very young my mother bought me my own angel to decorated our Christmas tree which started my collection of angels that I put out every year for Christmas.  So it isn't strange for me that I believe in angels.  Always have and always will.  They do exist, I know this for sure.  I can't prove it nor do I want to!  I just know. I think that angels are all around us we just have to be open to feeling their presence. To be open to believing when we can't see or have any concrete proof.  I just believe. I'll take it further.  I have an angel with me all the time, my grandmother.  I was just turning eighteen, heading off to college, when my grandmother passed away. After she was gone I felt different, stronger, more secure and confident.  I could feel her presence with me sending me all the love and support that she shared with me when she was alive. Whenever I need support or help with a problem I feel her unconditional love so strong that I know all will be fine in my universe.  I never worry about about those ripples or even big waves in the sea of life since my angel is right with me.  Just making it all right.  What is really ironic is my grandmother's favorite words in her limited English was "I worry".  She worried about all of us and let us know daily.  Now because she is with me all the time, making sure all is well in my world, I never worry about anything. I have had my share of worries, big and small. My resolve to remain strong and confident, to face everything without negative worry, has never waiver.


Five years ago my angel helped me with the not a wave in the sea of my life but a typhoon that hit me without any warning. One of those big life changing events that I hope I never face again.  My beautiful young daughter, who was never sick,  ever, not even an ear infection as a child, was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma. Yes one day I am just living my life, actually it was flowing quite peacefully, kids all grown, job going well, my husband and I enjoying the empty nest, all is well, then pow, my daughter has cancer! Not only was my baby girl sick but I was on the east coast and she on the west.  Three thousand miles away from me my daughter acutely ill in the hospital, is told she had cancer. Without my angel I would have just taken to my bed!


Here's how I know that I have an angel helping every single day of my life, looking out for me, making it all right.  Just when my daughter started feeling the symptoms of her illness I awoken one morning, right before my alarm went off, with a strong premonition. Maybe it was more like someone whispering in my ear, just loud enough for me to wake up, telling me that my daughter was going to be fine.  Since her illness just started I didn't even realize at this time that  she was sick, I though my premonition referred to her acting career which she was working hard to launch.  I actually felt so strongly about the message that I received that I posted my premonition on my vision board and shared the good news with my daughter!  For two months as her health proceeded to decline I still did not know the true meaning of the premonition.  Once her diagnose was confirmed without any doubt I knew that my angel told me in advance the positive prognosis of her disease.


Through out her months of treatment,  I never feared, worried, doubted that my daughter would get better since my angel gently whispered in my ear those words, "she is going to be fine", preparing me, giving me strong resolve to unequivocally know that she would be fine.  And she was! 


Today my daughter is healthy, happy, married and focused on living her life to the fullest since she know how precious life is.  And me, I know that I always have my angel with me, looking out for me, making my road smoother no matter what life puts in my path. I just hurtle over (with short legs I might add) effortless living  thanks to my angel.


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