Angostura Bitters: In Trinidad, Not Just For Cocktails

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[Editor's Note: As an American and a huge fan of the cocktail, I know just what Sarina of is talking about when she says every bar has a bottle of Angostura bitters at the ready to add depth to cocktails. But in Trinidad, the home of this critical bar accessory, Angostura bitters are employed for much more than just an everyday Manhattan. --Genie]

Angostura Bitters - The Taste of Trinidad

When I was studying in the USA, it seemed that every bar had Angostura bitters on its shelves. I realized that to Americans, this tiny bottle was seen as a cocktail ingredient. How so very different from here in Trinidad where Angostura bitters is a staple in every kitchen, and is used to flavour everything from soups, to roasts, to ice cream! Growing up a few drops of Angostura in a glass of warm water was used to rectify everything from nausea to upset stomachs. Was there anything that this little brown bottle couldn’t do?

Angostura Bitters

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