How to Make Angry Birds Cupcakes

Angry Bird 2
For the past couple of months, I've been a little angry with Angry Birds.

It started when I realized that my 6-year-old was better at the game than I was. Which was a little embarrassing but whatever. I'm not really into games anyway.

But then my son introduced the game to my husband.

And he had an ally.

And for weeks, I would notice that my phone was missing and go searching for it ... only to find my son huddled up with my husband, comparing bird slinging strategy.

And anyone who knows me knows not to mess with my phone. I like to get my text on.

So it was super annoying.

Thankfully, they sort of came out of that phase.

But then this morning, my son discovered that Angry Birds Seasons updated to a Valentines Day version.

So whatever.

If you can't beat them, make cupcakes about them.

Pretty sure that's how the saying goes.

The body for the birds and the pigs can be made a number of ways -- fondant, cake balls -- but I used doughnut holes covered in red and green candy melts. Way easier than making cake balls and yummier than fondant.

Who eats fondant? Gross.

Angry Bird 1
For the feathers on top of the birds head, I molded Laffy Taffy into the shape and dipped it in my red candy melts. The beak is a triangle cut from yellow Laffy Taffy and the belly is a white Air Head cut in a circle with the bottom trimmed off. The candy eyes can be purchased very inexpensively online, and I piped the eyebrows with black frosting.
Angry Bird 3
For the pig's ears, I molded Laffy Taffy into shape and dipped them in the same candy melts I used for the body. I used a black food writer to fill in the middle. The nose is a green M&M with two dots drawn with black food writer, and the eyes are the same ones I used on the bird. The crown was cut from a yellow Laffy Taffy, and the mouth is a small half-circle cut from a green Laffy Taffy.

I attached everything to the bodies using melted candy melts.

I'm sure that there are lots of other ways to make these, I just used what worked best for me and was easily accessible. So feel free to substitute other candies if you see something you'd rather use.

Now go make these and have an Angry Birds party, you crazy kids!

P.S. I definitely did not eat eleven Laffy Taffy during the making of these cupcakes.

P.P.S. If you don't know what Angry Birds is, I'm sorry for confusing you.

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