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Anyone who loves to read about animals, cats, and murder mysteries should read this book.  I was asked by the author Patricia Fry to do a review on her second book, Cat-Eye-Witness, in her Klepto Cat Mystery Series.  I love cats having been 'owned' by five loving kitties over the past thirty years.  So jumped at the chance to read this story.  The book is fast paced, a light read, and keeps you guessing to the end.

Patricia has asked me to review the third book in the series, Sleight of Paw . I cannot wait to get started!  And, most definitely will read Catnapped, the first book.  The strange thing is, my husband and I named our first house in Florida 'Catnappin', had personalized licence plates on our vehicles, 'Catnap 1' and 'Catnap 2'.  We named our second house 'Catnaptoo', and our motor home 'Catnapped'.  So I guess we are really are 'cat people'!

Sadly, we are now 'catless', in our home that is.  We now live in an apartment where no pets are allowed.  But we get our 'Kitty fix' by volunteering for the local stray animal society.  There are many cat colonies of poor wild, stray, dumped kitties that need feeding, neutering, and general health care in our area.  So off we go armed with food provided by the charity, cat cages when necessary and enjoy the love of many.

One of the Cat Colonies

 Cat VillageCat Village


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