Animal Stewards 

Life as a dressage trainer in Southern California, USA

Over twenty-five years of searching for better approaches to training horses led me to look at the partnership in ballroom dancing, the life of  "wild animals" in South Africa, and now a spiritual path in India.  Animals and nature have been my reason for physically existing.  Living down the street from the ashram in a poverty ridden section of Jaipur, India has given me a new view into the animal kingdom.  I am already blogging about the spiritual process and I have a blog on about holistic living, but observing the animal population in India has left me gasping at times and in another moment marveling at the resourcefulness of animals to fit into man's insanity.  This will be my public, electronic diary to share thoughts, photos, articles, videos etc. from Sue's perspective.  It may be too truthful.  It may be too much information.  It may be too graphic.  It may be inspiring.  It may be heart wrenching.  Let's see what happens.

Elephants in India working as part of the wedding parade.  Pierced ears for hanging colorful clothes.

Capitalizing on garbage piles for food shacks

Part of the native animal population.

Making a living as a tourist attraction


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