Ann Romney, I've got your back!

What really miffs me is when people tell me how "lucky" I am to stay home with my children. For me, staying home, while my children are young, is not luck by any stretch of the imagination.  It is a sacrifice.  I am sacrificing much needed income, adult conversation and individuality, among many other aspects of working.  However, for me, this sacrifice is worth making because I am doing it for the greater good of society and for the good of my 4 children.  Staying home with children is not a choice that only the wealthy can make.  Many rich women work, many broke women stay home. Anyone (Hilary Rosen) who might claim (Hilary Rosen) that someone who stays home with their children has "never worked a day in their life" is delusional (Hilary Rosen).  Ann Romney, staying home with her 5 boys, has worked harder 24/7 than most folks could ever imagine!  Don't call me "lucky," call me bold, frugal, courageous, or crazy, but not lucky.



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