ANNOUNCEMENT: There are only 150 tickets left for BlogHer '08!

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As of today, we are six weeks away from the beginning of BlogHer '08 on Friday, July 18th.

And we have only 150 slots open for registration. That may sound like a lot, but at the rate registration has been going in the last couple of weeks I can safely say that we will once again sell out, and it could happen more than a couple of weeks before the event starts.

Last year we were able to accept registrations at the door at the Navy Pier, but the Westin has a much more strict, fire marshall-related cap on how many bodies we can let into the conference and ballroom area, so if we sell out, we sell out.

So, if you're planning to join in the fun, I am here to officially urge you to register now!!!

Want some good reasons to join us in San Francisco this July?

  • With a Newbie Mixer, Speed Dating for BlogHers, a session for beginning or new bloggers and a track-opening session on how to enjoy BlogHer even as a raging introvert, we are doing our best to make new bloggers and new BlogHers feel right at home.
  • There is so much community-driven content on the agenda, including community-organized meet-ups, Birds of a Feather sessions and Room of Your Own discussions, the BlogHer OpenSpace, and the Community Keynote, that this year, as much as any, BlogHer remains the "conference the community built."
  • There are tons of opportunities for fun and networking too, from the first ever BlogHer PhotoWalk, brought to you by Shutter Sisters, to amazing cocktail party plans on both Friday and Saturday evenings. I know we haven't revealed too much of those plans yet (soon to come) but there will be food, drink, music and of course the main ingredient for a fabulous BlogHer cocktail party: Lots and lots of your favorite bloggers!
  • We feed you. No, seriously. A lot of big conferences leave people on their own food-wise, but we've got you covered with breakfast, lunch, snacks and hearty cocktail party fare on both days of the conference, and breakfast and lunch during the BlogHer OpenSpace on Sunday. And since I'm a vegan, you know veg*ns will be covered. And we've also been thinking about those of you who need gluten-free. (In fact, can you stand up and be counted? Email Kristy if you need gluten-free, so she can get a good idea of your numbers out there.) So, no one goes hungry at BlogHer
  • Have you actually checked out the agenda lately? There are sessions for just about every blogging interest. If you haven't checked it out lately, let me mention some exciting additions:
  • For your inner geek: We've added Mitchell Baker from Mozilla (makers of that fine browser Firefox) to the session about Why bloggers (even non-programmers) benefit from participating in open source communities. And once she and her fellow panelists convince you of those benefits we've got Angie Byron from Drupal developer Lullabot and Marianne Masculino from WordPress creator Automattic on hand to show you exactly how to advance to the next level of participation in the Drupal and WordPress communities, even if your starting point is zero.
  • For your inner mogul: There are so many tools and services and ideas out there to help you treat your blog like a business, or at least as a serious tool to support your business. Some recently added speakers will be talking about how to quote for your freelance service, what affiliate programs are out there and really good for bloggers, how to set policies and practices that clearly communicate your ethical boundaries to your readers...and to P.R. folks, and how you may be able to join the ranks of Blogger/Authors.
  • For your inner activist: Whether your activism runs towards getting your political opinions published or raising funds and awareness for the causes you care about, we've got some of the web's experts on hand to help you be better at it, including Jenn Pozner, Catherine Orenstein, Marnie Webb and Beth Kanter. Soak up their wisdom, and go take action!
  • For your inner artist: Whether you want to simply focus on the writing itself, or some of the most beautiful, the most poignant, the most enriching outcomes that can come from your writing, we have sessions designed for those who care nothing for politics, monetization or rabble-rousing (at least on their blogs.)
  • The list goes on. We hope that every attendee can build-their-own-BlogHer, and vote with their feet for the blogging topics they care most about.

    That's the latest scoop, and it won't be the same without you, so if you've been on the fence or putting it off now is the time to just make the leap and Reach!

    We look forward to seeing you in July.

    UPDATED: Already a question :) The BlogHer OpenSpace, led by Kaliya Hamlin, may still have registration open after we close registration for the two-day portion of the conference, so we'll keep you posted on that.


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