Announcing: Birds of a Feather Lunch on Friday at BlogHer '13

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BlogHer is just over a week away (GULP) and we know that your excitement is about as strong as your nerves right now. Meeting your online friends and collegaues IRL is both amazing and terrifying, and we'd like to help you get get by with a little help from your friends.

Today we're announcing the Birds of a Feather lunch at BlogHer '13. Before keynote speaker Guy Kawasaki takes the stage on Friday to share his vision of artisanal publishing, you'll have the opportunity to share a meal with your tribe, or break bread with some new friends. We call it the Birds of a Feather lunch, and it's one of the many ways we make it easy to find your flock, or a new one, and spend some quality time with them.

Birds of a Feather Lunch

You'll find BOF table signs at lunch on Friday listing our most frequently-flocked communities, as well as plenty of blank table signs where you can create and commune with your own niche or interest group!

Below, we've listed out the already-identified groups (as taken from previous years' BOF lunches and the comment-suggestions in last year's BOF announcement post). If you see that we've missed your group, there are two ways to include them in this year's BOF lunch:

  • Leave a comment here, naming a Birds of a Feather flock you'd like to see at the conference. As others 'like' that flock, we'll get a clear sense of the groups we need to include, and add them officially.

  • At the Birds of a Feather lunch on Friday, you'll see flock tables with blank cards and black markers. Grab a marker, fill out a card, and start your own tribe!

We're kicking off our Birds of a Feather lunch with the following groups:

  • Adoption BlogHers
  • Atheist BlogHers
  • Child-free BlogHers
  • Canadian BlogHers
  • Craft/DIY BlogHers
  • Male BlogHers
  • Empty Nest/Boomer/Midlife BlogHers
  • Faith BlogHers
  • Frugal BlogHers
  • Geek BlogHers
  • Green BlogHers
  • Humor BlogHers
  • LGBT BlogHers
  • Military Member/Family BlogHers
  • Parent/Stepparent BlogHers
  • Patient BlogHers
  • Pet BlogHers
  • Political BlogHers
  • Style/Fashion BlogHers
  • Twitterholic BlogHers
  • Widow/Widower BlogHers
  • Wine BlogHers
  • Women of Color BlogHers

So, what did we miss this year? Tell us in the comments, or like the flocks you'd like to be a part of!


Shannon Carroll/Mr Lady 

Shannon Carroll
Conference Programming Manager
BlogHer Events
@mrlady |, yo 


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