Announcing the BlogHer '09 Community Keynote Selections

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Today, we are thrilled to announce the final selections for the BlogHer '09 Community Keynote, our second annual Community Keynote, taking place on Friday July 24th.

Just like last year, we received hundreds of submissions, and I have to start with a shout-out of gratitude to our tremendous Community Keynote grand poobah:

Eden Kennedy from Fussy

And the rest of the Community Keynote committee:

Jes Ferris and Lori Luna from BlogHer

And the topic committee members, each of whom was a Community Keynoter themselves last year (another tradition we hope to continue):
Angela from Fluid Pudding
Casey from MooshinIndy
Megan from Megan's Minute
Polly from LesbianDad
Yvonne from Joy Unexpected

Thanks to all of you stalwart blog readers who helped narrow the list!!

Now, without further ado, here is the list of your 2009 Community Keynoters.

Corynne Corbett from That Black Girl Site
Karen Walrond from Chookooloonks
Kelly Graham-Scherer from Don Mills Diva
Tanis from Redneck Mommy

Black Hockey Jesus from The Wind In Your Vagina
Grace Davis from State of Grace
Heather Spohr from The Spohrs are Multiplying
Sheri Reed from Today is Pretty
TW from Retro Food

Catherine Connors from Her Bad Mother
Issas Crazy World from Issas Crazy World
Melissa Ford from Stirrup Queens and Sperm Palace Jesters
Mike Adamick from Cry It Out

Danielle Henderson from Knotty Yarn
Georgia Getz from I am Bossy
JD from I Do Things So You Don't Have To
Wendi Aarons from Wendi Aarons

Amy Turn Sharp from Doobleh-Vay
Rainsinger from Laughs! Thrills! Pathos!
Pam Mandel from Nerd's Eye View
Pauline Karwowski from Classy Chaos

What, you ask, will they be reading? Well, that would ruin the surprise, wouldn't it?

So there they are, your Community Keynoters! Congratulations to all, and we can't wait for them to show their stuff on Friday night!


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