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You may have already seen the BlogHer party tweets flying around, so allow me to explain this year's party plan and how it all came together.

A little background:

Last year, we listened to all of the post-BlogHer '09 feedback and mulled over how to respond to it, both in the moment, and with policy changes for BlogHer '10. One of the things we committed to handle differently was BlogHer parties.

So this year, as promised, we've made some changes. The only parties that will be within the conference space from Thursday to Saturday are "official" parties. Friday evening we'll host the Voices of the Year gala welcome reception. And on Thursday and Saturday, we are co-producing a series of community parties with different bloggers in the community.

Many of these are already...or are well on their way to being ... BlogHer traditions. Some are new. Each party will reflect the vision of our bloggy co-hosts. And each party will come under BlogHer policies for RSVPs, capacity planning and sponsor involvement, if any. Although each party has a capacity limit (so no over-crowding!), each party is open to any BlogHer attendee with an appropriate conference pass. And any sponsor of any party will be a conference sponsor, meaning they are contributing to the entire conference, helping us both keep prices low and let more bloggers in off the waitlist if possible.

Some important details:

All of these official BlogHer parties will be hosted on-site at the Hilton New York and are open to all registered conference attendees.You must have at least a Cocktail Parties Only pass in order to access these events (if you don’t have one, there’s still a few left at, and please note that Friday Only or Saturday Only passes will only grant access to parties happening on that day of the conference.And while all of these events are open to all conference attendees, space is limited, so RSVPs are required. Finally, because we do hope to let in more bloggers off the wait list soon, we have held back some slots on all parties, and any that are or become filled to capacity will open up again for more RSVPs once when we also open the waitlist. Every BlogHer attendee deserves the right to party!!

Our recommendation:

While it would be tempting to just sign up for every single party (and show up to only half because, after all: You're only human) we do encourage you to visit each party organizer site we link to below. Check out the community, their party plans and visions. There's a party for everybody and everybody gets to party ... just not everybody all at once everywhere! :)

And now, the Official BlogHer Party Plan!:

Thursday, August 5th

Social FiestaSocial Fiesta, 6-8pm: Join us to celebrate Latinas and Hispanic culture at the Social Fiesta.  We'll be reveling in the different Latin flavors, music, colors and art, with plenty of food and drinks, and of course, lots of dancing!  What better way could there be to kick off BlogHer '10 than with a fiesta de culturas? Hosted by Latinas in Social Media, learn more about this event and how you can RSVP here.

People's PartyThe People’s Party, 7-10pm: Whether you're a mommy, political, green, life, fashion or any other kind of blogger, all are welcome at the 4th Annual People's Party.  Come one, come all and celebrate all bloggerhood to kick off BlogHer '10. The People's Party is hosted by: Velveteen Mind, The Bloggess, IzzyMom, Motherbumper and Oh, the Joys! Learn more about The People’s Party and how you can RSVP here.

QueerosphereQueerosphere, 9-11pm: The second annual Queerosphere is held in honor of the 100th anniversary of one of the most significant events in lesbian literature and in the history of the arts: Alice B. Toklas moving into the Parisian apartment of Gertrude Stein in 1910. Queer bloggers and allies will gather in a special salon at the Hilton for cocktails, coffee and conversation -- to connect and celebrate on the eve of the conference. Learn more and RSVP here

Friday, August 6th

BlogHer Voice of the Year GalaAs mentioned above, Friday night will be the one-stop, pull-out-all-the-stops Voices of the Year gala welcome reception. We'll reveal more details about this party as we can, but there's only one thing you really need to know: It's big enough for every attendee, so no RSVPs required, no capacity limits, no worries! And here's the additional information: Learn about the Voices of the Year Gala and Art Auction, curated by kirtsy!

Saturday, August 7th

The Green AffairA Green Affair, 6-9pm: At A Green Affair you will learn it really is okay to cheat on your bleach. Like Kermit says, "It's not easy being green," but A Green Affair will show you that being green-er is a breeze. This party will feature lots of eco-friendly elements for attendees to enjoy -   you definitely don't want to miss this!  A Green Affair is hosted by 3 Green AngelsLearn more about this event and how you can register here

Blogalicious, 6-9pm: Sip a cocktail, dance and lounge with your fellow BlogHer attendees, and enjoy a Girls Night Out in New York City at Blogalicious!  We're in a Bloggy and Empire State of Mind. The second annual Blogalicious party is hosted by the ladies of MamaLaw, the founders of Blogalicious Weekend, the one and only social media conference devoted to uniting women of color. Learn more about Blogalicious and how to RSVP here. [Currently on waiting list.]

SparklecornSparklecorn, 8-11pm: People of Earth, please to be putting your party pants on, because Sparklecorn is back at BlogHer this year and glitterier than evah!  Unicorns? Check.  Sparkles? Check. Booze and cake? Check. Dancing? Check. Really, need we say more? (Umm ... no, you had me at unicorns.) The second annual Sparklecorn is hosted by MamaPopLearn more about this party and how to RSVP here.

CheeseburgHerCheeseburgHer, 10pm-1am: A BlogHer Rite of Passage, CheeseburgHer began at BlogHer '07, when a group of blogger friends decided to throw an impromptu hotel room party involving cheeseburgers, bags on heads and fun, and thus a tradition was born.There will be beverages, burgers (of course), hats made out of burger bags, and lots of photos - you definitely won't want to miss the 4th annual CheeseburgHer! Learn more about CheeseburgHer and how you can RSVP here. [Currently on waiting list.]

BlogHer ConferencesThe BlogHer Chill Space, 6PM-11PM: In addition to these amazing community parties, BlogHer will be hosting a Chill Space on Saturday evening. This will be a space to relax, unwind, nosh, imbibe and hang with your blogging buddies between the parties. There will also be the opportunity for Birds of a Feather meet-ups throughout the evening in the Chill Space. We already know FoodBloggers want a meet-up in the Chill Space, stay tuned for more, or let us know if you're interested. And unlike every other party on Saturday evening: No RSVP required. Open all night; open to all attendees.

Our big thanks to BlogHer's own Erin Groh and Lori Luna, who have been working with all of the party co-organizers to make this plan happen. If you have any questions, please contact Erin at, and she'll take care of you.

Party on, BlogHers!

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