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July 22 - Update: It was brought to my attention that I did not mention a critical point and that is...the Serenity Suite is an alcohol free zone.  And for a bit more news:

  • The Serenity Suite will be located in suite 4246 at the Hilton
  • Coffee, tea and water will be provided
  • If you are looking for an onsite recovery meeting the suite is the place for you!  Visit the suite and times will be posted.
  • Heather is updating her site often with new and exciting details - check it out!


Announcing year 7 of the Serenity Suite! Yes, the place where you can go during the conference to enjoy a little quiet time away from the crowd but still hang with your friends.

In 2006, we started this tradition, and in 2010 a team of dedicated and caring bloggers led by Maggie and Heather made sure someone was always there to greet you as you walked through the door -- and they are back again!

Serenity SuiteIn addition to having a place to hang out during the day, Maggie, Heather and team will be staffing the Suite during parties, just in case you aren't in the mood to rock and roll.

However, the Serenity Suite will not be left out of the party mode -- so don't plan on sleeping!

The Serenity Suite will be open on Thursday, Friday and Saturday for your convenience, and we'll be updating this post as the days move on. But if you have questions along the way feel free to send a note to either Maggie or Heather; they will be happy to help.

Grab your Serenity Suite bling here!

Lori Luna
vp, event operations


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