Announcing: The BlogHer '13 Geek Bar and Writing Lab!

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Today we are excited to announce this year's Geek Bar and Writing Lab at BlogHer '13! The Geek Bar and Writing Lab give attendees small group, hands on access to the tools and tips you need to improve your blogging and social media skills!

Geek Bar and Writing Lab

Both the Geek Bar and Writing Lab will be open on a walk-in basis, so no pre-registration is required. The sessions are first come, first served, and repeat on Friday and Saturday. We are providing self-help tables in each room, in addition to the scheduled Geek Bar and Writing Lab sessions, for attendees to share ideas, troubleshoot, and teach each other.

The Geek Bar offers four 40-minute Geek Bar sessions each day, and those sessions span visual, mobile, and blog skills and tools.

The Writing Lab offers two 90-minute sessions each day, including both writing style groups and skills development labs.

Come prepared with your questions and your laptop or tablet. Your instructors will come prepared to teach you best practices and – more importantly -- to answer your questions and give you the specific help you need.

Check out the schedules for this year's Geek Bar and Wriring Lab in the BlogHer '13 online agenda. We'll see you there!


Mr Lady

Conference Programming Manager