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Today we are thrilled to announce the Pathfinders for Pathfinder Day at BlogHer '13! Back for its third year, this limited-capacity (tickets are already going fast; register here!) pre-conference event promises to help answer an ongoing, consistent question that we, as bloggers, often face: Where do I go from here?

If you're unfamiliar with Pathfinder Day, BlogHer Co-founder Elisa Camahort Page did a great job summing up the intent of the day when she first introduced this day for BlogHer '11. To summarize: 200 bloggers come together, split into small groups by discipline (paths) of 40-50, and together spend an entire day exploring the milestones and fundamentals that will lead you further down your path as a blogger, whether the end goal be using your blog to create a book proposal, form a business, as an agent for change, or into a media company.


Pathfinder Day


If you're wondering if Pathfinder Day is right for you, ask yourself this:

  • Have you just started blogging, but aren't quite sure what your goals are just yet?
  • Have you been blogging for a while, and you're feeling like something is missing or are wondering where to take your blog next?
  • Are you sitting on an idea or a dream for your blog, and need a good, old-fashioned, push to make that dream a reality?

Then Pathfinder Day is the day for you. If you want to align (or re-align) your blogging goals, pivot your blogging focus, or even jump in headfirst and change everything, Pathfinder Day will give you the tools, the guidance, and the community to clarify your intentions and get yourself further down your blogging path.

But don't just take our word for it.

I always go to Pathfinder Day because it helps me to connect with people before we enter the sleepless crazy party that is BlogHer, but last year, I really did find my path! Deb Rox and Momofali made me (forced I tell you!) draw a map of my life. I saw a path which lead to a book, which became a movement. I saw The Glitterhood.

-Mona Darling, Dominatrix mommy blogger and author of Glitter

To help get where you want to go with your blog, we've enlisted the talents of some amazing women -- each pioneers and thought leaders who have been down the path you are walking and can help steer you in the right direction. You'll learn the paths they've walked, discover their processes and then significant choices they've made to reach the place where they are in their blogging career, and find the necessary tools and inspiration to carve your own path!

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My Blog as a Book Proposal, with Melissa Ford and Hannah Kaminsky.



How to become an "author/blogger." Spend the morning going through the basics you need: the query, the proposal, the following. Spend the afternoon talking about the not-so-basic realities of the publishing industry today.

Hannah Kaminsky is the publisher of the My Sweet Vegan blog and cookbook, (and several eBooks). Melissa Ford is both a non-fiction and fiction author, who also blogs at Stirrup Queens.

My Blog as a Business, with Lianne Farbes and Susan Getgood



How to use your blog to establish your expertise and develop a business around it. Spend the morning talking business fundamentals, including why, when and how to incorporate, how to attach value to your services and how to protect yourself. Spend the afternoon understanding your own value proposition.

Lianne Farbes is the Founder and CEO of Digital Girl Media and blogs at The Makeup Girl. Susan Getgood is a marketing consultant and VP Influencer Marketing, BlogHer, and she blogs at Marketing Roadmaps.

My Blog as a Change Agent, with Cheryl Contee and Katherine Stone



How to use your blog for good, up to and including why, when and how to set up a non-profit vs. staying grassroots vs. launching a social business. Spend the morning learning the difference these different approaches make. Spend the afternoon exploring which would achieve the change you want to see in the world.

Cheryl Contee is the Co-founder of Jack and Jill Politics, and Partner at Fission Strategy. Katherine Stone is the Publisher of Postpartum Progress and Founder of her blog's namesake non-profit organization, Postpartum Progress, Inc.

My Blog as a Media Company, with Jaden Hair and MJ Tam



How to monetize and widely distribute your content, building an ever-larger media footprint. Spend the morning talking strategy, and how to organize yourself to achieve scale. Spend the afternoon exploring whether achieving that master plan is your dream come true.

Jaden Hair is a television chef, food columnist, cookbook author, and award-winning food blogger at Steamy Kitchen. MJ Tam is the editor of Chicagonista and the creator of City Connect Media, Inc. (CCMI) that owns and operates and other city sites including

Whether you find yourself at a crossroad with your blog, or are just getting started and want to get a strong start, or are looking for a community of like-minded bloggers who are walking the same path as you, we're sure you'll find everything you need (and even some things you you didn't know you needed) at this year's Pathfinder Day in Chicago, at BlogHer '13. Register here, and we'll see you there!


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Conference Programming Manager