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Today we are excited to announce a new feature of BlogHer Conferences: The BlogHer Virtual Conference Pass. Each year, each conference we hold sells out ... sometimes months in advance ... and that leaves a lot of potential attendees holding awesome Pity Parties. Or planning their own local meet-ups.

But what better activity for a Pity Party (even a Pity Party of one!) than to actually watch the conference happening live, and join in a live chat with others doing the same?

Partnering with WMBLY, we are bringing you the BlogHer Food '10 Virtual Conference Pass. Sign up now to get the link to acquire your pass, which comes in the following three flavors:

The Live, All-Access 90-day Pass: $40

  • All four tracks and every keynote will be live-streamed, so you can choose any session that interests you and watch it as it's happening.
  • Live chat will be up throughout the conference, so you can talk about the sessions with others participating virtually.
  • Blogger Katherine Gray* will be on hand as your live-chat host: Keeping out spam, offering technical support and pointing you in the right direction.
  • All video will remain online and accessible on demand for ninety (90) days after the conference.

The Recorded All-Access 90-day Pass: $30

  • All four tracks and every keynote will remain online and accessible to you on demand for ninety (90) days after the conference

The Recorded All-Access 10-day Pass: $20

  • If you've got the time right away and want to save money, all four tracks and every keynote will remain online and accessible to you on demand for ten (10) days after the conference.

Visit this sign-up page to submit your e-mail address. On Thursday, you will receive the URL to go acquire your pass of choice and get the access code for either the live-streams and live-chat during the conference or the recorded video post-conference.

This is the first time BlogHer has created a virtual conference experience via live-stream video (although not the first time we've done the virtual conference thing ... all the Second Lifers in the House represent!!) and we're really excited about it. 

Will we "see" you there?

*Meet your live-chat host:

Katherine GrayKatherine Gray is a former frenzied workaholic, now a (somewhat) mellowed, urban mama to two little girls, who found salvation in freezer jam. She runs The New Civilization, a user experience & content strategy consultancy in Portland, Oregon where she helps companies develop branded and relevant conversations with online communities.

When she’s not obsessively exploring the latest social networking application she may be found harvesting arugula in her driveway garden, and maybe, on a good day, writing about local food for families at her blog, Dirt to Dish (

But really, she’s probably downloading your recipes and hoping her kids will eat them.



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