Announcing the BlogHer Food '12 Agenda!

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Today I'm excited to announce the agenda for this year's BlogHer Food conference, June 8-9 in Seattle! We received a bushel of proposals for topics, speakers, and full-blown panels. Our valiant BlogHer Food '12 Conference Advisory Committee (named in this post) spent their end-of-the-year holidays poring over your ideas, and delivered up their recommendations. We can't thank them enough for their contribution. This past few weeks, we here at BlogHer took your submissions and their recommendations and did our best to sift and sort, making sure we put together a program that was nutritious yet indulgent, reliably gratifying with an undertone of the unexpected and notes of inspiration.

BlogHer Food '12This year, like every year, the hard work was in the winnowing. We received a record number of responses to our Call for Ideas, more than five times as many panel suggestions as there are time slots in fact, and fielded hundreds of speaker suggestions  to go with them. To pull the best program from that cornucopia of ideas, we did a little seasoning, sometimes blending vigorously between multiple proposals; some we just cooked from scratch.

All along, we've been paying attention to what you've said you want to hear, and what the top-notch group of advisors (all food bloggers) have indicated are "must-have" topics. Alice Currah noted, when she delivered her recommendations, that she wants to see content that is  "fresh, relevant, and practical." We hope that's what you'll find.

We've got panels over two days in five different tracks -- Values, Vittles, Visuals, Vocation, and Voice -- as well as multiple Innovator Interviews and other fun. You'll be inspired by the work of gifted photographic storytellers, tireless activists, and imaginative writers. You'll learn how to boost your traffic with smarter tools, process gorgeous images for next-to-nothing, and market your food writing inventively and effectively. We're taking you and your camera on location. We're going to get hands-on cutting veggies and mixing drinks. 

We've also heard you that in this fourth year of the conference, and within a food blogosphere that has grown wildly, we need to focus panels to different levels of expertise and experience. You'll note that we've noted the level of each panel, and that there are panels for everyone from beginning to advanced bloggers, photographers, writers, and marketers in each time slot. We hope this way, each of you can build your own agenda, perfect for where you are in your blogging journey right now.

Go peruse the BlogHer Food '12 Agenda page, now stocked with panel titles, and imagine these conversations unfolding in front of you up in Seattle this June. And keep that napkin tucked into your collar, as we will be filling in the blanks you see over the coming days and weeks!

Note: If you submitted to our call for ideas, you should have received a response email today, either way, yea or nay. If you did not receive it, feel free to email me and our new conference programming manager, Shannon Carroll



for Elisa, Jory, Lisa, and the entire Conference Programming Team 



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