Announcing a BlogHer PRO '14 Fireside Chat with Entrepreneurial Icon and Tech Founder Caterina Fake

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This is an anouncement of a BlogHer PRO '14 keynote speaker, but bear with me while I reminisce.

Eight years ago, BlogHer '06, our second conference, took place. One of my clearest memories of that year is the pride I felt in featuring a triumvirate of blogging pioneers who were early bloggers, were amazing and entrepreneurial women in tech, and most thrillingly had each co-founded one of the fundamental tools in use at that time for bloggers like us.

That year we featured Mena Trott, co-founder of SixApart (the company behind Movable Type and Typepad), Meg Hourihan, co-founder of Blogger, before it got Googled, and Caterina Fake, co-founder of Flickr... the first and only tool at the time for building community around photography.

What a group, right? Those women were such a significant part of making the blogosphere happen and creating this space we all love today.

So, I couldn't have been more thrilled to get on the phone yesterday with Caterina Fake and talk about what she and I will talk about next week at BlogHer PRO '14, as she joins us as our lunchtime fireside chat on Wednesday December 3rd. Caterina went on from Flickr (acquired by Yahoo!) to found Hunch (acquired by eBay) and is now the founder of Findery, a tool for users to share and discover info as they travel about their lives and the world.

Announcing a BlogHer PRO '14 Fireside Chat with Entrepreneurial Icon and Tech Founder Caterina Fake

If you check out the BlogHer PRO agenda, you'll see that we're going to spend the morning getting some lightning lessons on the trends we see as critical for online influencers in 2015. You're going to hear data. You're going to know the stats. You're going to be given resources to research your options and forge your path.

In talking with Caterina, though, we are going to take a step back and revisit the humanity behind the trends. Caterina has always been an expert on building online community and adoption. So, what has so radically changed about human behavior in these last ten years to drive these trends? And what, amazingly, is really just the same? And yes, we're going to talk about Caterina being a woman in tech, a woman making software, a woman making software that asks its user to tag where they are and what they did... and how, if at all, one affects the other.

Caterina is one of the pioneers. Caterina gave Lisa, Jory and me great advice before we first dove into the world of venture capital... and it's advice I cite to this very day. Caterina is still on it and at it.

Join us at BlogHer PRO and soak up a little of Caterina's wisdom yourself! There are about twenty slots left!

Will I see you there? And what would you want me to ask Caterina yourself?


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