Announcing the BlogHer in Second Life Community Keynote-and how YOU can be a part of it

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It's true.

This week BlogHer Co-Founder Elisa Camahort announced the Community Keynote selections for BlogHer '08 in San Francisco, and we're certainly not going to allow our Second Life attendees to just "watch" all the fun.

The Second Life version of this year's BlogHer conference will participate in the First Ever "Community Keynote" event.

Elisa writes,

"That's right: the closing keynote for Day One of the conference will be live blog readings from the BlogHer community itself. You'll submit your favorite posts, and we'll get 20 of you at the microphone sharing that favorite post with the entire BlogHer crowd.We thought of calling it BlogHerpalooza, the BlogHer Slam, BlogHer Open Mic or some other such name. But it's a keynote and it will be built from the community, hence: The BlogHer Community Keynote."

The only twist on the Second Life version? The first 20 to leave a comment and a link to their blog post are in, pending our review of your submission.

This means your virtual self gets to stand, or fly, or hover in a space craft, in front of the BlogHer in Second Life audience while you read your blog post. It can be Second Life related or NONSecond Life related. It can be your favorite rant, favorite song you sang in a post, favorite post about nothing. This keynote is entirely contructed BY the BlogHer in Second Life community, so the choice is yours.

Elisa continues,

"the basics are:

Did it make us laugh?
Did it make us cry?
Did it make nod our head in an "I've been there" kind of way?
Did it make us want to send the link to a bunch of other people to share the bloggy goodness?
Is it fresh, other words, could it only have come from you?"

Make sure you are a REGISTERED participant for this year's BlogHer in Second Life conference and HAVE AT IT!

The first 20 comments in THIS post will get to participate in this FIRST EVER event!


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