Announcing the First Crop of Room of Your Own Sessions at BlogHer '10

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Today we're excited to be announcing the first crop of Room of Your Own selections for four tracks: Passions, Geek Lab, Writing Lab and Job Lab.

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As outlined in our original Call for Ideas, Room of Your Own sessions have always been an opportunity for registered attendees to participate in the conference in a more active way. We already build the first round of programming from our call for ideas from the community, and this second round is a way for attendees -- who, after all, have the most stake in the conference agenda -- to say not only that that you think there's still a hole in the agenda, but that you are happy to fill it!

We've played with this formula every year, with two constants: The Rooms of Your Own reflect community interest and bring diversity to the conference schedule. This year, we not only kept the community public polling opportunity that we introduced last year, but also decided to slot Room of Your Own sessions into the seven established programming tracks, rather than creating additional dedicated tracks -- something we also tried in 2007. As always, we listen to the feedback we get each year and see if we can continuously tweak to improve your experience.

So, after all that ado, I can't really say "without further ado," but here are the Room of Your Own selections for the four tracks named above.

You can read more detail about each session listed below and its time slot and speakers in the full agenda.




  • Gen Y Passionistas: Leaving the 9-to-5 To Pursue Your Passion: Gen Y has a reputation for a totally different attitude towards work, play and passion ... and the interplay between them ... than the rest of us. If you've been dreaming about pursuing your passion, no matter your age, come share why and what. Your social media savvy already gives you a leg up. Find out how.

  • Women and Sports: We like to play. We like to watch. And we want to read and talk about it: The number of women and girls playing sports is at an all-time high, with almost 94% of all girls aged 6-17 playing sports of some kind. Yet, even though participation has increased so dramatically, the media coverage of women's athletics has not. In this new social media landscape, women athletes, sportswriters and fans can fix that!




This year,photography was obviously hot, hot, hot, so we're featuring two photography sessions that attack two different steps to sharing great photos:

  • How to Take Great Pictures, Whether You Have a DSLR or Point-and-Shoot: No matter what kind of camera you choose to shoot with, all you need in order to learn how to take the best photos possible is a good teacher. We'll have both experts with both kinds of cameras on hand to work with you in small groups.

  • How to Edit Your Pictures and Make Them 10x Better: If you believe taking great photos is the end of the line, think again. Any great photographer will tell you that it's not enough to know basic photography rules –- you've got to know how to edit those photos to make them really "pop." Learn about all the ways you can improve your photos post-shoot.




  • Dear Abby 2.0: Giving Advice in the Blogosphere: Advice columns have always been among the most addictive daily reading for people of all ages, so there's no better time to explore what it will take for you to create Advice 2.0 with only a blog and some common sense. Discuss crafting thoughtful questions and responses to entertain readers and keep them coming back time and time again.

  • The Evolving Publishing Ecosystem: We've had a Book to Blog session every year since 2006, and the topic is obviously still hot, as there were about half a dozen different submissions around the topic. So, how can we tackle this perennial favorite in a new way? By talking about the new publishing ecosystem, in which the line between writer, critic and publisher have become irrevocably blurred.




  • Offline Networking for Bloggers: Online social networking is critical in today's business world and job market, but networking offline is also crucial! And for many bloggers, it's tough to make that transition. So, here you are at an offline event ... make the most of it!

  • Pitch Me: Maybe you want to work with big brands. Maybe you want to work with top PR agencies. Maybe you just want to talk with others about your blog without drawing a blank and searching the floor for the right response. You need to develop your elevator pitch, both written and oral. Your written pitch is for contacting those companies that you want to partner with you and your site. Your oral pitch is what you say when you're asked that one question, time and time again: "So, what do you blog about?" Quick: What's your answer? This session will help you find it!

Again, please find more detail and speaker info in the full agenda.

And stay tuned in the next day or two as we announce the selections for the Change Agents, Personal Identity and Professional tracks.

Congrats to all those submissions that were selected -- it was a blast reading all of the submissions!

Elisa, on behalf of Elisa, Jory and Lisa, BlogHer co-founders and Jes, BlogHer Conference Programming Manager

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