Announcing the HTC Innovator Award at the Voices of the Year Community Keynote

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Here in Silicon Valley, people talk a lot about innovation. Web 2.0, now Web 3.0, mobile technology, cleantech - there’s always something new and groundbreaking coming over the horizon. But innovation isn't just about technology development.

Being innovative means being creative, original, thinking outside the box, putting a new twist on something. Sometimes it's creating the tools; sometimes it's in how you use the tools. We see that a lot in the BlogHer community. So what better way to honor the innovators within our community than with a special award to be given out at BlogHer ’11 before the Voices of the Year Community Keynote?

So, here is the question:

Are you creating something new? A game, an app, even a conversation that has not been brought to light before?
Are you using technology in a new and unique way? 
Are you writing about exciting technological breakthroughs, and bringing them to a new audience? 
Are you creative and inventive in your delivery? Making the most of audio, video, images, apps?
If not you, do you know someone who is? 

We want to hear from YOU. Click here to tell us how you’re innovating the online landscape, and tell us by July 15th to be considered.

The winner will be honored before the BlogHer ’11 Voices of the Year Community Keynote and will win a prize package from HTC, including an HTC phone, an HTC Flyer and HTC Scribe.


- Erin 

Erin Groh
A member of the BlogHer Events Team, you can find Erin here on BlogHer or on Twitter.