Announcing: Killer Karaoke at #BlogHerFood15

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You read that right, Killer Karaoke comes to #BlogHerFood15!  

Announcing: Killer Karaoke at #BlogHerFood15


Backstory...for the past few years we have hosted a karaoke party at our annual conferences and our fabulous attendees come out of the woodwork, singing, dancing, über amounts of fun and frivolity.

So we said, "let's do this in Chicago - our foodies know how to party, they like to sing" and voilà a new tradition was born - don't let us down foodies!

Come join us Friday night, pick your jam and sing it loud! Emceed by our perennial annual conference karaoke emcee Amy Windsor from The Bitchin' Wives Club, joined by Chicago's own Luvvie Ajayi from Awesomely Luvvie, Killer Karaoke is the perfect end to Friday night.  Let loose, sing (yep out of the shower) and enjoy an evening of vocal expression - who can resist?!

And, in addition to all the singing and dancing, we are excited to welcome our sponsor for the evening, Otis Spunkmeyer who will be providing all the yummy desserts for the evening!

Can't wait to see YOU there!


Lori Luna
vp, event operations