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BlogHer '12At long last, we're thrilled to announce the Room of Your Own sessions for this year's annual BlogHer conference, to be held August 2-4, 2012 in New York City. Room of Your Own sessions -- fondly referred to by old BlogHer hands as ROYOs -- are crowd-sourced and selected primarily based on their appeal to you members of the BlogHer community. You can check out the announcement post for this year's ROYO round for further description.

Each year, the panel topics you all propose and find most compelling vary to one degree or another: this year, among the most popular panels it was personal topics that predominated; thereafter professional ones, with technical and writing topics to follow. To our surprise, only one lone politically themed panel was even among the dozens of ROYO panels proposed! Election year fatigue, much?

Among the personally-themed panels that will be running in the ROYO track this August, we have a great mix of "evergreen" topics and fresh ones. Across all the panels, we have also have a fresh mix of familiar and new voices. Per usual, there were many really great ideas that won't be appearing in the ROYO track, but stay tuned. We still have a few more programming elements to roll out for BlogHer '12 (the Geek Bar and Writing Lab not least among them) and some of the speakers and ideas may yet reappear!

Meanwhile, allow us to introduce the ROYO sessions for BlogHer '12:

  • #Blog2012: A Conversation [Writing] • Elan Morgan, Laurie White, Neil KramerThree veteran bloggers extend a wide-ranging conversation, begun on Twitter, about the state of our blogs this year, touching on: long-term blogging goals, the fate of personal blogging, what happens when a small percent of bloggers receive the lion's share of attention, the perils of honesty, and more.
  • Celebrate Your Small Blog [Personal] • Nicci Ahrens • You started your blog for a reason, whether it was to document your child's life, track your favorite recipes or DIY projects, to vent about politics, or to write about your favorite sports team. Never mind about branding, monetizing, SEO or ROI; who cares how many comments or page views you get: small blogs have a place! Let's get together and celebrate that.
  • Mom, Stop Blogging About Me! [Personal] • Mary McCarthy, Tanis Miller, Stefanie Mullen • When does your private blog begin interfering with the privacy of your kids? Learn a trick or two from these three veteran moms/bloggers who have all faced the day when kids turned to teens (who didn't want a post about them scrolling down their Facebook feed).
  • Pro Tips: Branding and Blogging Professionally [Professional] • Charlie Capen, Gina Crosley-Corcoran, Jill Krause, Mandy Morrison • This session will help you "dress" for the blog you want, by providing tips on: branding yourself in a professional manner, visually cleaning up your blog and raising its visibility, and transforming self-deprication into healthy self-promotion.
  • Table for One [Personal] • Kim Trimble • Are single and/or childless bloggers underrepresented? Why do PR firms and blogging groups seem to focus on mommy or daddy bloggers for the juicy deals and sponsorships? This session will dig into real incidents and share practical, effective marketing strategies for such overlooked bloggers as older bloggers with grown children, seniors, childless couples, pet owners, and more.
  • Travel Philanthropy [Personal] • Tracey Friley • Learn about a new breed of travel blogger, interested not just in R&R, but in immersing herself in local culture and making a difference, whether in India or Africa, the villages of Haiti, or here in the USA.

Congrats to you all for striking a nerve in your community!




for Elisa, Jory, Lisa, and the entire Conference Programming Team 


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