Announcing the Second (and Final) Crop of Room of Your Own Sessions at BlogHer '10!

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Today we're excited to be announcing the second (and final) crop of Room of Your Own selections for the three remaining tracks: Change Agents, Personal Identity, and Professional.

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If you read our announcement about the first crop of Room of Your Own sessions, you read "much ado" about what the Room of Your Own session are, how we choose them, how we play with the format every year, constantly trying ot tweak them and improve them. (And if you didn't read all that, please do, it was very informative, I swear!)

Now on to the final Room of Your Own selections. You can read more detail about each session listed below and its time slot and speakers in the full agenda.


ResourceBlogging: Serving Your Community One Post at a Time: Resource bloggers are driven by a desire to teach, build networks, and create support systems in their own areas of interest. Day in and day out, they serve their communities and effect positive change. Discuss how you can reach and change your communities most effectively, no matter your driving passion.

Screw Work/Life Balance, We Need Work/Life POLICY!:We’re talking about shifting the conversation from one about work/life balance, since those inevitably reflect a struggle to adapt current family realities to the old world where one parent worked, one stayed at home. Change is hard – but bloggers have a platform from which to advocate, persuade and activate. Discuss how to harness our power as bloggers to change one of the most fundamental parts of our lives.


Latinas in Social Media: Latinas are one of the fastest growing segments of bloggers, and it’s easy to understand why. They use social media to develop relationships and promote their brands with flavor. Their identities as Latinas influence everything they write, from politics, to parenting, to techonology, and more. They use social media to break the stereotypes, dismiss the multicultural divide and reveal the common denominators amongst Latinas.

Little Fish in a Big Pond: Understanding, Accepting, and Loving Your Small BlogMake your blog work for you, no matter how big or small it is. Size doesn't have to matter as long as you are getting what you want and need from your blog. We'll talk about how to identify what it is you really want and care about, and how you can be true to that and still grow, sanely, if you want that too. 


Integrating Your Online Presence Across All Platforms: It Can (And Must) Be Done!Whether your brand is your personal brand, your small business or your employer's, the plethora of networking tools and opportunities can be overwhelming. Share best practices on building a consistent brand by integrating your efforts across all available platforms, including social networks, traditional media and even offline events.

The Mega "Mindful Monetization" Session!: More and more blogger are exploring how to stay true to themselves while still taking advantage of the opportunities that blogging brings. Some bloggers may be in a niche that practically requires such consideration...think Green Bloggers or Breastfeeding Activist, but every blogger has their own value system to live up to. How do you know which monetization method is right for you, and your values? 

Again, please find more detail and speaker info in the full agenda.

Congrats to all those submissions that were selected -- We probably say this every year, but: It's our best agenda yet!

Elisa, on behalf of Elisa, Jory and Lisa, BlogHer co-founders and Jes, BlogHer Conference Programming Manager

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