Announcing This Year's Birds of a Feather, Meet-up and Room of Your Own Options at BlogHer '08

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Every year we try different things at our conferences, particularly around how we provide opportunities for bloggers to connect with one another. This year we are trying yet another new spin on two of our annual conference standards: Birds of a Feather sessions and Room of Your Own sessions.

Birds of a Feather
Birds of a Feather sessions (or BOFs, as we lovingly call them) provide an opportunity for people within the same community of interest to get together, meet one another, and talk about the subject they love blogging about. You might have noticed that, unlike in years past, our programmed panels mostly aren't focused on singular topics like that.

That's because by now there are so many topics people want to meet and talk about that we decided to try something different with our perennial Birds of a Feather sessions.

We've tried them over a meal; we've tried them as their own session, but the thing is, we've always tried them all going on simultaneously, so you had to choose. Well, what if you felt like visiting more than one flock? And what if you preferred the kind of free-form discussions in the BOF sessions more than programmed panels altogether?

So, this year, instead we are scheduling various 40-minute Birds of a Feather topic-based sessions, throughout the conference and in parallel with our regularly scheduled programming. The sessions will be free-form discussions lightly led by BlogHer contributing editors, and whoever shows up can determine what you all want to talk about: From feedback on where you want BlogHer's coverage of your favorite topic to go next to plotting how your flock can achieve world domination. If you go review the conference agenda, you'll see that each break-out session now has a 6th track: The Blogging Birds of a Feather track. We've got sessions planned for some of the most popular topics on BlogHer...Food, Health, Green, Travel, and we've even got a couple of BOFs planned for subjects that aren't in the BlogHer taxonomy Boomers & Beyond and even BlogHims at BlogHer!

We hope everyone enjoys this opportunity to align yourself with and meet up with multiple blogging groups...and to focus on more free-flowing discussions if that's your preference.

The Room of Your Own: Reserve yours today!
By now so much of the conference programming is inspired by and drawn from the community that the definition we were using for our Room of Your Own panels (proposed by the community) could apply in more cases than not. (Oh, and ROYOs is how we occasionally abbreviate the Rooms of Your Own, if you ever see that acronym floating about.)

Then we got an email from Monique of the BFD Blog, who inspired us to try a new spin on BlogHer's Room of Your Own. See, Monique was hoping to have a meet-up with any and all of her readers who are attending the conference, and wondered if there would be a space and time to do that.

And we thought: Why not just make a space and time?

So, I'm announcing the totally open and available on a first come, first served basis Room of Your Own to meet your blogging peeps.

If you are interested in meeting your blogging community all at one time in one place, like Monique, OR if you're dying to form a Birds of a Feather group that we didn't include above, then email me and Kristy and place your request. State your top three preferred times...and choose from the same 40 minute slots as the BOFs, so we have room for as many as possible.

It was Monique's idea, so she gets first crack at the available time slots, but that leaves 11 more slots up for grabs. Let us know if you want one.

So, five tracks, one Birds of a Feather track, one Room of Your Own track...OK, yes, there is a LOT going on at once and a lot to choose from. But there are also going to be 1,000 of you, so I think every session, BOF and ROYO will find the love it so richly deserves :)

Hope your mind is racing with the possibilities, that you're shaking your fist at us for giving you such hard choices to make all day long, and that it's quite clear that we are dead serious that we want BlogHer to be the community for women who blog, all women who matter your traffic, topic or technical preferences.


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