Annoyances: Facebook posts on Football Sunday

What I posted on my Facebook (less than twenty minutes ago):

I don't even have to watch the game with constant updates on everyone's Facebook status. 

Yup, that was from me. So far it has 9 "likes" and is growing. Cool, cause I care about "likes"... no, I just want you all to realize it's stupid and annoying and stop.

Seriously? I get you need to write "Go Seahawks!" "Go Packers!" "Go {insert any football team here}" because if you don't, your team will automatically lose and it's all your fault.

Get real.

I honestly do not get why every five minutes you have to update your status about a football game like it's life or death. It's not. It's annoying. Very annoying. I seriously am vowing to never get on Facebook when I know there is any sort of game anyone could possibly care about. I'm not a football/hockey/volleyball/anything fan, so the downside of that vow is I never know till I'm read tens of hundreds of one line statuses about the game.

Really? Can't you just wait until you have a whole paragraph to write so that it actually means something? Not just:

Post one: Go Seahawks! Post two: Aw... Post three: SCORE! Post four: Shit. Post five: Pullin thru! Post six: Ohmyohmyohmy.. Post seven: I'm going to stab myself cause I know I've been that annoying...

Post seven was just what I hope that they write. They never do. If I could take a screen shot of it all, it would look exactly like that. Now imagined that like times 50 for everyone of my friends watching the game.

Most of the people that have "liked" that status are watching the game. Think they are getting the hint that I'm being a sarcastic asshole and the underlying message is to knock it the fuck off? Nope. Not a chance.

Thank you, Mark Zuckerburg... for not limiting posts someone can make in a matter of two hours. ......not.


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