Another Day

Well, I has been a few days since I posted. I’m not doing very well at keeping up with NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month) but I do have to say it has kept me motivated which is something I really need right now. I have a lot of pain during the winter months and sometimes it is very difficult to get out of bed to do anything. At least this gives me a reason to get up. I want to do something so I can write about it and after November is over I will try to keep it up.

I have had a bad few days and was very tired. I slept most of the weekend and when I did get up I had very little energy and usually ended up going back to bed. My husband cleaned a lot in the garage. He finally realized that was something I wasn’t going to be able to do. For one thing, a lot of the stuff in the is large and heavy and I can’t move it to get to something of mine that I can sort through.

Well he got the boys and got to work. They got a lot done and hopefully soon he will be able to park his truck in there. Well, yesterday when I came out he told me I was not allowed to buy any more yarn. My jaw dropped. That is impossible! There is no way I can abstain. He had gathered up all of my yarn from all my little stashes and filled up SEVEN huge tubs. SEVEN. I would take a picture but I can’t quit get to them right now. Maybe later. I already had some large tubs but he went to Walmart and got some more even bigger ones. The ones you could fit a house in and filled them up with yarn. I always have a bag here with a project in mind, a box here with a project in progress… and another bag here and another box there and I guess I lost track of just how much yarn I had.

So I decided to use some of it but the project I did today was really small so I didn’t use very much yarn. I made paperclip ice skates. It is a really easy pattern and the person that came up with it is now my best friend.

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