Another day, another blog

Why on earth am I baring my soul to the world.  My blogs used to be fun, happy, humourous. I used to be fun, happy and humourous (in a weird way).  I spend a good part of my leisure hours reading about others lives, others creations and my life and my creativity is left by the way side. Why am i not out there in Blogland passing on my pearls of wisdom or showing off my creations.  I post a pic of my latest design and then thats it for the next month and I totally forget to post the pattern.  Blogging kept me sane in the dark years, rereading the posts it's hard to believe I was once that person, was I really that strong?

But this new blog is supposed to be about craft and handmade and crocheting, thats what I put in the tags box.  Not a whinging post.  I need to find my passion and I need to find me again. If you asked an old friend to describe you and who you were to a new friend, would this new friend recognise you as the person being described. I have new friends that think I would never do a certain thing or think a certain way and the old friends want to know why I never do or think those things anymore.

So why tell perfect strangers my feelings, why share with them my failings? I know it is cathartic writing it all out and then posting and then in my case totally forgetting i ever wrote them.  I do have new things in my life and I have made a commitment and actually stuck to it, much to my surprise.  I don't want for anything, I'm not rich but I have enough to get by, i don't have a fancy car, just an old bomb thats gets me where I want to go, my sons have turned out all right and keep themselves just this side of the law - they have not done anything to make me ashamed of them and they have turned out to be wonderful young men.  I had the love of a good man and a good marriage before I was widowed, I have great friends old and new who support me and care for me. I was lucky enough to get the right medical treatment that saved my life and my little house is cosy and inviting and is mine.

So that is me and my life, no juicy details, no skeletons in the cupboard, no dark and dangerous secrets (though I was once engaged to an elvis impersonator - not many people know that LOL). Now I have got that out the way I can get back to creating a blog about my crafting world and getting my crafting mojo back. 

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