Another Day...Another Purse


I feel like my creativity is slipping...or getting used up anyway.

I just made 10 more purses today and another Christmas Pillow for the Craft Fair. Whew! I can see the top of my sewing table finally!

I created 10 purses from Placemats today. All of them are different although made from the same style of place mat. Two are an orange stipe and I glued giant clasps on them. They didn't need any handles because the balls to hold the clasps closed are so big! (About 1" in diameter.) I picked these up at our local Joanne's Fabric Store. They are about 8" across and 2-4 inches deep, so they make a really nice opening for easy access into your purse. These purses ended up being about 13" wide and 8" deep.'

The other purses, made from lavender place mats, are about 13" wide by 7" tall with a fold over flap of about 3-4 inches. Each of these have a magnetic closure and various handles made from beads, ribbon, chain and one store bought handle from Joanne's with gorgeous clear giant beads. These were all lined with fabric from a cotton sheet (white with Purple lilacs) and backed with fusible fleece....fantastic stuff! Most of the purses were imbellished with cut-outs from an old lace curtain with vintage flare.

'll get you some pics as soon as I can.

HO-HUM!! I'm tired. What an incredibly creative day.... so I'm headed to bed now.

Thanks for the read.

Happy Hobbies!



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